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Navigating The Waters Of Recovery

It’s hard to believe I’m already writing another column on emergency response and recovery. In my first 16 months as Town Administrator, I’ve been with you through two wildfires and a flood of historic proportions. We are incredibly fortunate that there were no lives lost in the Estes Valley. Although the rescues are complete, we’re still working to get everyone access to their homes and restore critical in ...

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First Confirmed Fatality In Big Thompson Canyon

The body of an unidentified female was found at approximately 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 21 on the bank of the Big Thompson River near the 2900-block of North County Road 31D. Larimer County Sheriff's Office and Larimer County Coroner investigators responded to the scene. The body was subsequently air lifted to the Fort Collins-Loveland airport and then transported to the offices of the Larimer County ...

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Estes Park Wins America in Bloom National 2013 Awards

After months of anxious waiting, top honors for the prestigious 2013 America in Bloom national awards program were announced at the annual awards held in Orlando, Florida on September 21. America in Bloom executive director, Laura Kunkle, said, “America in Bloom is helping participants of all types achieve their potential. The accomplishments and progress shown by this year's towns and cities is remarkable. ...

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Estes Park Schools Reopening Monday, September 23

Specific details will be sent out in a district email to students and staff and School Messenger call. Waste water and sewer have been restored. Transportation routes will be modified and limited in some areas. Students and staff who can safely and feasibly report to school are asked to do so. Please stay home if you cannot safely get to school. If we have not heard your whereabouts during this crisis, plea ...

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Information About Tetanus Shots

Tetanus shots: According to the Colorado State Health Department, routine recommendations for tetanus should be followed. A tetanus-containing vaccine is recommended for all adults every 10 years. Tdap and Td are available in limited supplies in Estes Park, and we are continually working to obtain more. Prior to the flooding there has been a nationwide shortage of tetanus containing vaccine which does compl ...

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Town Tentatively To Receive $13 Million Federal Grant For Downtown Road Realignment

Second grant must be funded for project to proceed The Town of Estes Park has tentatively received a grant through the Federal Lands Access Program to fund major transit and highway improvements. The Town will receive the $13 million grant if it is also granted $5 million in funds from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). The Town expects to learn whether or not it will receive the second grant ...

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Help EPMC Ambulance Crew Win Ambubus Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit!

Two weeks to go and it’s anyone’s game. Who will win the AmbuBus® Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit™? During the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, there were 10 hurricanes and 19 tropical depressions with 199 direct fatalities and 155 indirect fatalities. That same calendar year, there were 932 tornadoes in the United States with 69 fatalities. Unfortunately, there is nothing First Line Technology can do to preven ...

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Estes Park Museum To Offer Downtown History Tours

Abner Sprague was hired to plat the town in 1905 by Cornelius Bond and the Estes Park Town Company. Within weeks, lots along the street named "Elkhorn" were taken up and new businesses were planted. Over the course of a decade, the basic footprint of the town we know today had put down roots. Discover the hidden past on a walking tour of downtown Estes Park with Curator of Education Alicia Mittelman. During ...

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