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Estes Park Election Results

Estes Library 5A Total Total Votes 4576 YES 2349 51.33% NO 2227 48.67% Estes Park School 3A Total Total Votes 4535 NO 2329 51.36% YES 2206 48.64% Park Director At Large Total Total Votes 4976 Laura Case 1427 28.68% Christie Adams 1256 25.24% Brian Brown 1235 24.82% Tony Gittings 698 14.03% Kristine L. Poppitz 360 7.23%     ...

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Upper Thompson Sanitation Update

Upper Thompson Sanitation District has reported completion of the Scott Avenue tie-in for sewer service. This is a major connection with lots of addresses -- check the list to see if you're included. ...

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Estes Park Free Shuttles See Record Ridership In 2013

Trolley to operate Nov. 29 for Catch the Glow festivities The 2013 Estes Park Free Shuttles saw a significant growth in ridership, carrying 89,637 riders, an increase of 52.3% over 2012. Ridership on the new trolley, now named the Elkhorn Express, came to 30,259 riders, representing 33.8% of the total system, carrying a daily average of 378.2 riders per day. This year marked the eighth year of shuttle servi ...

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Planning The Post Flood Future For A Sales Tax-Driven Town Government

By Frank Lancaster-Estes Park Town Administrator I'm sure many of you had plans for the next few months that have changed radically since the September flood. For many of us, life was turned upside down in just a few days. The Town of Estes Park is no different. Now that we're past emergency response to protect lives and property, we're looking at how the flood may affect the Town's finances in the near fut ...

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Services Update From Upper Thompson Sanitation District

Upper Thompson Sanitation District has posted an update on the restoration of sanitary sewer services in the Fish Creek corridor. The no flush zone continues to shrink as the Creekside connection has been completed. Read more:  The no flush zone map is kept up-to-date Please contact Upper Thompson Sanitation with any questions or concerns. ...

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Temporary Main In North Fish Creek Area Completed

Estes Park’s Water Division crews have completed the challenging construction of a temporary water main to restore water to affected properties in the North Fish Creek area. They are now taking meticulous care to clean and disinfect the line before water service is restored. The disinfection process takes about 24 hours and is followed by laboratory testing to confirm water potability. The final step is flu ...

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Restoration Of Electricity To The Retreat

Estes Park Light & Power, with assistance from the City of Fort Collins, used a helicopter to place a temporary power line on the ridge from Glen Haven to the Retreat on Tuesday. Light & Power hopes to reenergize lines in the Dunraven Glade area of The Retreat by the end of this week. Electric lines in the Streamside area of The Retreat are expected to be reenergized next week. The insulated line is ...

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Upper Thompson Sanitation District Billing Info

Customers of the Upper Thompson Sanitation District (UTSD) are receiving their monthly bills for sewer service despite the fact that as many as 2,000 customers remain in the “no flush”zone. Even though sanitary sewer service has been drastically impacted since the flood, revenues are critical to sustaining daily operations and seeking solutions to the damage. “Because many of us who work for UTSD are also c ...

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