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Ron Duell Candidate For EVRPD Board

Hello my name is Ron Duell and I am a candidate for the Estes Valley Recreation District board. I would like to tell you a little about myself, and tell you why I would like to be on the board. I was born in Greeley, and our family moved to Estes when I was about five years old. I have lived in the Estes Valley for 43 years. I went through the Estes Park school system from Kindergarten through grade 12. Aft ...

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Wayne Andersen Announces Candidacy For EVRPD Board

Wayne Andersen hopes to win a seat on the board of the Estes Valley Recreation & Parks District on May 8 election day. The EVRPD board oversees the golf courses, walking trails, marina, youth center, aquatic center, campgrounds, shooting range, youth and adult sports activities, and many more recreational programs. Shortly after moving to Estes Park in 1999, Wayne began working for the local nine and ei ...

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Dave Kiser Candidate For Estes Valley Rec District Board

Dave Kiser is running for the Estes Valley Recreation District Board in next month’s election. A true lover of the mountains, Dave has enjoyed living in Estes Park for twenty years. During this time, he owned Range Property Management as well as Edgewater Heights Cottages. Currently, Dave is a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker in addition to running his own property management business, Estes Park Prope ...

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It is one thing to build a community center.  But where is the money coming from to operate it? Ballot issue 4C is a mill levy increase to provide operating money for the Recreation District. Included in 4C is $140,000 to operate the community center. Operational expenses for the community center are calculated to be $440,000 annually. The revenues are anticipated to be $300,000 a year. The difference of $1 ...

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Rec District FAQ’s

What are the number of the ballot issues for the Recreation District’s mill levy and bond issue? 4C is mill levy. 4D is the bond. If I am in favor of these issues, do I vote “Yes” or do I vote “No”. On both issues, “Yes” means “In favor,” “No” means “Not in favor.” What happens if the mill levy, 4C, fails? There will not be an expansion of services such as trails and no funds to operate the Community Center ...

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Fall River Trail Phase 4

Minor traffic interruptions are expected on the west end of the Highway 34 downtown bypass beginning Wednesday, Sept. 17 due to the construction of Phase 4 of the Fall River Trail, a 3,500-foot extension onto the existing trail that runs west along Elkhorn Avenue. ...

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Citizens For Community And Recreation Seeks Financial Support

Citizens for Community and Recreation is a volunteer group promoting the proposed Community Center as well as other improvements to our community. The Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD) is sponsoring an effort to build a Community Center at the vacated elementary school. The current plan for the community Center has three distinct program areas that will serve the community as a central gathe ...

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