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Too Much “Groupthink?”

To The Editor:

This is a very confusing and difficult time in our town.

We find ourselves caught between John Cullen and his dream project for “Lot 4″ and normal citizens wishing to protect said property from being filled with a large complex of buildings.

The confusion we are finding is associated with the established or newly created “organizations” that could be called the “alphabet” group.

We have the EVPC, EPEDC or EPED, VEP, EALA, GHHG, EPWC, EPTT, SAWC, EPMC, and more I am sure.

Several of these issue and/or lobbying groups have gotten money from “taxpayers,” governmental sources, “corporate groups,” etc. In fact it is reported that elected representatives and/or appointed officials have become part of one or more of the “alphabet” groups. One of the “alphabet” groups is heavily supported with tax dollars from our annual property tax…..and this group’s board is not elected by the citizens who are taxed.

With all the entwined groups involved in the “Lot 4″ issue I worry about and see “Groupthink” developing or currently entrenched in their structures.

To remind you “Groupthink” is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which a desire for conformity and harmony within the group results in an incorrect or deviant decision-making outcome. The structure of the group becomes so entwined that individual creativity is not sanctioned by the group.

In my opinion we are seeing a lot of “Groupthink” in many of the “alphabet” groups in our town.

We have seen in the past such classic examples of the phenomenon such as the “Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis,” “Pearl Harbor,” and several corporate examples.

Am I worried? Yes! Shouldn’t you be?

A. W. (Art) Blume III


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