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Tim Mayhew Stories And Adventures

To The Editor:

I’ve never really been good at puttin’ pen to paper and like my dad would say  “Your more nervous then a long tail cat in a house full of rocking chairs” So here goes. I’m asking ANYONE and EVERYONE who has a story or adventure about Tim Mayhew to please share them with me. I know there are plenty of them out there and if you could please send them to me at 1011 Riverside Dr. in Estes Park or email to

Just this last birthday in February I gave him a journal for him to start writing in so we could document all the crazy and fun stories he always either started talking about or somehow became a part of. But, thinking that we would have many, many  more years for completion I now find myself at a loss that this may truly be the end of new adventures.

I’m asking this of everyone not only for myself but for my son and daughter Gage (14 yrs.) and Jade (1yr). It breaks my heart that she will never really understand the uniqueness of just one person yet alone Tim being her grandpa. So like most of you, I could spend hours talking about my dad and I hope you continue to do so and if over time you remember something to share, my mail box will always be open.

To help everyone get started, I would like to share a story that only a few people may know about. It goes something like this.  When I was younger and still living at home my dad had given me a lasso as a gift, which I used along with a piece of wood to came up with the master plan for a friend and I to sneak out of the house to attend a party that night that I knew I was not allowed to attend. My room at the time was on the second story and the only option out was the upper window. During the day I tested and retested to make sure my plan was going to be foolproof. Then that night when everyone was sleeping we put my plan to action. WELL, here my friend was hanging onto this lasso halfway down the outside of my house when all of a sudden out jumps my dad in his underwear with arms fully extended pointing a 9 mm gun at us wondering what in the heck was going on. Let’s just say after that I never tried to sneak out of the house ever again and I’ll just leave the rest of the story out!

“PA YOU’VE MADE ME LAUGH AND YOU’VE MADE ME CRY over the years, but I just want everyone to know you will always be one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. I will always miss and love you and I’m more than proud to say I’m your daughter”

Wind Bird (Wendy Adams)

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