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Tim Buck Celebrates His New Local Herd Book

By: Barb Boyer Buck

Residents of the Estes valley enjoy the pristine beauty of the area year round, truly blessed to live in a place that many people – several million per year – just visit. The majestic Rocky Mountains, crested locally by Longs Peak at 14,255 feet, tower over the valley and gradually decline through several mountain ecosystems to reach the valley floor where close to 10,000 people make their home. This beautiful area explodes in a riot of colorful wildflowers in high summer, shimmers with a golden aspen glow and crisp breezes in autumn, shines in the snow under deep blue skies during winter and celebrates spring with greening hillsides and frolicking young wildlife. An Estes Park resident need only look out his window to be reminded of why he lives here.

And then there’s the elk. The “local herd” is an interesting example of the Rocky Mountain elk; they have learned to live with and thrive among people and human settlement.  They seem almost tame, used to cars and indifferent to humans, but they remain wild creatures with unpredictable behavior.
Local artist and illustrator Tim Buck became very amused with the elk antics he observed in the area, especially in their interactions with humans.  This led to the creation of “The Local Herd,” Buck’s comic strip that anthropomorphizes this most recognized symbol of Estes Park.

A hilarious collection of the best strips published during the past eight years is now available in Buck’s new book, The Local Herd. Wily, fun-loving elk interact with their wildlife friends, tease tourists, devour vegetable gardens (even elk-proofed “Elkatraz”), rewire their radio collars and elude hunters. Buck’s collection is comprehensive, including parodies of local events like the Longs Peak Scottish Irish Festival and Elk Fest and is organized into chapters representing the seasons and major holidays of the year.
Recurring characters add spark to the herd – the “Wapiti Bandit” vandalizes signs advertising elk jerky and “Little Rocky” asks Santa for a “RackStation 3.”

Some of the less favorable aspects of living in Estes are also explored – the roaring wind in the winter and the crush of summer traffic – resulting in a volume of  funny comic strips that truly exemplifies what it means to live here, and live here with elk.

Originally from Ohio, Buck has lived in Estes Park since 1989. He is the creator of popular T-shirt designs including “Elk Duds” and “Got Elk?” Buck started drawing The Local Herd for the Estes Park News when it began publishing in 2000.

The Local Herd can be purchased for retail at MacDonald Book Shop, 152 East Elkhorn in Estes Park or from; the first 500 copies sold through the website will be personally signed by Tim Buck.  Watch for upcoming information about a book signing with Tim Buck at MacDonald Book Shop. For wholesale information, contact Tim Buck directly at or 970-577-1730.  A counter-top display rack and promotional materials will be provided with each wholesale order.

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