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Thoughts On EPURA

Dear Editor:

What is all the fuss about EPURA? It is certainly beyond my comprehension. My husband and I moved to the Estes area in 1991; we could recognize then the many improvements to the community EPURA had accomplishments, contrasted with the Estes Park we knew in visits before the Lawn Lake flood—a town whose businesses and streets had looked pretty “raunchy” and run down; and we have continued to appreciate EPURA’s successful efforts to improve our community, all with no costs to the individual tax payer. In fact the improvements have benefited the tax payers, because as properties have been improved and amenities have increased for locals and visitors, more revenue has come into our town.  This in turn provides the where with all to pave our streets, clear the snow, provide our police and fire protection, etc. etc.

Circumstances had us away from the Estes area for four years. On our return in the Fall of 2008, we were pleased to see that EPURA’s efforts were still going on-the west end of the Riverwalk cleanup had continued, the pedestrian walk out hwy 34 bypass and 34 west extended, and the west park area around the waterwheel on W. Elkhorn improved, etc.

In some letters to the editor I have read the argument that “all these improvements would have happened anyway.” Folks, that is not human nature—it takes leadership and farsightedness to accomplish what EPURA has accomplished and can continue to accomplish. I hear some say, “We don’t want any more changes and visitors to our little town.” Folks, that is very narrow thinking.

Unless we can accomplish population control in the world (and those efforts do not look too promising as yet), there are going to be more and more people growing up who discover our beautiful mountains and mountain way of life and who will want and deserve a part of it. No one has asked me to write this letter. It comes from my own frustration over what I have read in the opinions expressed in the local newspapers.

Mary F. Seaver

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