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Thoughts About The Candidates And Ballot Issues

To The Editor:

Wendy Koenig has served us well over the last four years as an excellent Town Trustee. If she is willing to give us another four years of her service, we should be grateful. She is willing to openly confront tough issues that face our community, and we should be grateful. I will vote for Wendy Koenig for Town Trustee, and I hope you do the same.

Paul Fishman is committed to the town, understands the issues, and knows how the Board functions – a great choice for Trustee.

Janna Allerheiligen has lived and worked in Estes Park for 28 years. She knows the community and its issues well, plus she has a good sense of humor. Janna would be a great representative for the working folks in Estes.

I’m voting for the sale of Lot 4, because we need the money & jobs.

I’m voting against the sales tax increase, because raising tax rates will hurt our economy in the long-term. Tourism will always be Estes Park’s primary industry, and our relatively low costs are an important attraction for visitors. I believe the Town should explore other options to fund infrastructure maintenance and improvement.

Frank Theis

Estes Park


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