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Thinking About Our Community’s Future

It’s Not Just For Kids-It Affects Us All From 1 to 99

To The Editor:

We have lived and raised our three children here for the past 32 years. We would have loved a Community Center for our family, friends and guests. We both own our businesses and commercial buildings as well as residential rentals. We know the approval of the Community Center will cost us more in taxes on each of our properties, however, we believe it will cost us more in the long run.  This community needs to compete with other areas that have chosen to keep their communities on the list of attractive places to visit with things to do for all ages year round. We would rather spend now by boosting our attractions and economy than try to play catch up later after falling behind others that are proactively searching for ways to increase their economy.

Don’t we need more “year-round” facilities in the winter?

Don’t we need to attract young families?

Don’t we need more places for our younger generation to go with more productive activities to offer?

Aren’t we all looking for ways to stay better fit year round?

Wouldn’t you love to have a facility capable of holding any type of class whether it is social, artistic, educational, or business related?

If you cannot say yes to one of the above, please consider the existing business owners that are trying hard to make it more attractive for those who visit and for all of us who live here. We are competing with other communities throughout the western slope that have added a Community Center for more to do ALL YEAR ROUND.  We cannot depend solely on the traffic RMNP brings our way. We need more year-round activities and facilities to offer during the winter months.

Our kids and your kids may not have had an opportunity to enjoy a Community Center in their youth but they can enjoy it as their families come back to visit. Isn’t that a huge benefit for every one of us that continue to call the Estes Park and surrounding area HOME?

Vicky Holler, Coldwell Banker Estes Village Properties
Mark Holler, MH Plumbing & Heating

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