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Think Before You Vote

To The Editor:

Most of the smaller towns in the country depend on their community building to keep their people together and give them a place to meet for the many different programs they participate in.

In Estes Park, we are missing this asset. There is no other town that is as devoted to the Arts as this one. There is a dearth of room space for their efforts, from small rooms for practicing and meetings to the larger sections of space for needed programs such as the Senior Center, Park and Recreation, Nonprofit groups, storage areas for the music, artwork, kids projects and entertainment, etc.

We have an opportunity now to make sure that our community has such a complex. We owe it to the people that live here to see that they are rewarded for their efforts.

We all know, too, that the summer traffic, both vehicles and people, makes it impossible to have such a building in the downtown area although visitors would be welcome to participate in our projects at the Community Center

Think on this when you make out your survey and ultimately when you vote on April 1st. This depends on your participation.

Marjorie Drew Corcoran

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