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The Wellness Center Makes Sense

Dear Editor,

“Lot 4.” Simple words that engender significant emotional reaction from many in Estes Park. What is Lot 4? It is an out-lot of the Stanley property between the hotel and the Safeway. It is basically a dirt lot that the Town originally purchased to use as a possible expansion or substitute for the Municipal Building, if needed. It has not been needed as such by the Town.

Several years ago the Town Board decided that this resource could be used for a better purpose, to promote additional businesses and increase tax revenue. The original effort failed. This new effort is, for me, very easy to support. It provides the Town with a significant sales tax boost at a time when we really need one. It is not a short term band-aid but a long term fix. It is a significant step to broaden the seasonality of our guest visitations to help our economy. It gives our wonderful medical center another much needed source of significant income and a way to attract and retain young medical professional families. It has been endorsed by the primary organization with whom it would be in competition (the Estes Area Lodging Association). It does NOT add any additional tax burden to our citizenry. It deepens our town’s “brand” as it puts Estes Park squarely in the forefront of a new, very promising, very clean, national economic growth market.

Taking the emotion out of the decision, I simply ask myself the following; if I individually owned the property, would I think that the EPMC/Anschutz Wellness Center makes sense? Absolutely, yes. I urge you to support this effort as I do.

Chuck Levine


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