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The Role Of The Association For Responsible Development

To the Editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, an erroneous opinion was expressed that the Association for Responsible Development (“ARD”) is one and the same as the Friends of Lot 4. While one of the stated ideals of ARD is aesthetics and natural beauty of the community, it also promotes cultural integrity and historical preservation. “Responsible Development” is part of its name, and the association promotes responsibility in the evolving land use of the Estes Valley. For that reason, ARD did take vote of the current membership, and then took a position not supporting the “expedited” early contract for the sale of Lot 4 due to its errors and oversights regarding Estes Park zoning rules. The Town Trustees took the same position a few days later, apparently due to concerns on legal limitations of that contract

ARD is leaving the debate and decisions on pending ballot issues to the advocacy groups and the voters. ARD’s role is to inform the public on a wide range of issues relevant to conditions that affect the use of land and the quality of life of Estes Park residents To this end, ARD has recently sponsored forums or presentations on the proposed redevelopment of the Senior Center and Museum for multiple community services, affordable housing, transportation and parking, land use code compliance and enforcements, flood recovery efforts and standards, as well as policies for open space and use or sale of Town owned properties. One such program held last fall hosted John Cullen in an open talk to describe his plans for a Wellness Center and other building additions to the Stanley Campus. In the near future, the Town Administrator will discuss a variety of governmental plans, and a representative of the Economic Development Council is tentatively scheduled to make a presentation at a monthly meeting.

All citizens that are interested in involvement in responsible development of our community are invited to join as members or attend presentations. More information on ARD is available at

Rebecca L. Urquhart

Tom Gootz

Chris Reveley

Directors, Association of Responsible



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