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The Project Does Not Belong On Lot 4

To The Editor:

My opposition to the Stanley Anschutz Wellness Center project is that it will be on lot 4, a protected entity in the Stanley Historic District. And, to be on such a sensitive property as lot 4, it should have to follow the rules, which were established specifically to control development there. This is not an indictment of development in general, only to properties in the Historic District.

As proposed, the Wellness Center plans did not follow the rules! In fact, it has requested and has been granted rule changes to give it legitimacy. I think it’s criminal to disregard the intent of past administrations and community approval to accommodate a developer in such a way.

If the Wellness Center is such a windfall for the community, why hasn’t the time, effort, and money been spent trying to find for it an uncontested piece of property? I suggest some proponents for the project have their own individual agendas that have nothing to do with the welfare of Estes Park. Specifically, the need to be on lot 4 is only for the convenience of the Stanley Hotel’s expansion. The Wellness Center could be built anywhere.

If we allow the Stanley Anschutz Wellness Center project to happen on lot 4, it will signal our lack of resolve to combat any developments’ assault on established ordinances and traditional values. However, we can prevent it if we vote NO to the sale of lot 4!!

Dick Brett

Estes Park


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