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The “Catch The Glow” Parade Wants Your Opinions!

The “Catch The Glow” Parade has been a mainstay of the holiday season in this community for more than 25 years. It brings light, merriment and excitement not only to Estes Park residents, but to the thousands who travel from all over to Estes Park as part of their traditional holiday festivities. Mike Young and Bob Aiken have been the creative geniuses behind the parade since 2008. Each year this talented duo has designed new floats reflecting the special and unique town of Estes Park. In 2010 they hope to do even more!

The float-building season is quickly approaching and Young and Aiken are actively seeking the community’s input and ideas as to what floats you would like to see in this year’s parade. Which floats are your favorites? By asking the town’s residents, they hope to create a ‘signature’ parade that says, “This really captures the mood of Estes Park at Christmas time!”

If you have any ideas about a float you’d like to see, or how the parade designers can improve floats from the past, please contact the Events Department at 970-586-6104 or e-mail And we’ll see you the day after Thanksgiving!

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