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Thanks To Trustees Eisenlauer & Miller

To The Editor:

I would like to extend a thank you to town trustees Dorla Eisenlauer and Jerry Miller for voting in favor of the Sapling Green Project that was presented to town board last week. This project would have provided many of our young families’ affordable housing, an affordable preschool and an alternative school option, all of which are needed in this community. The variance gap between what the majority of young families earn in this community and the housing they can afford is astronomical. Per the Estes Valley housing needs assessment, 100% area median income (AMI) for a four-person household is $69,200, and 42% of needs in Estes Park falls within the 80-100% AMI range yet only 10% of units are priced to be affordable for this range.

As many well know we also have a daycare crisis in this community.  This is largely due to lack of affordable commercial property that daycare and preschool providers can afford. Steve Lane of Basis Architecture came up with a solution to address both of these issues by developing a vacant lot near Lake Estes that would house both a preschool and nine affordable condo units. I commend his innovative plan that would have truly given back to the community by providing two much needed services for young families. Sadly, the vote brought before the town board to change this piece of commercial property into a multi-use property did not pass.
I urge the town board to work closely with EVICS and the Estes Park Housing Authority to come up with some solutions to our daycare/preschool issues along with our need for affordable housing.

Once again, thank you Dorla Eisenlauer and Jerry Miller for standing up and supporting our young families.

Janelle Coop
Families for Estes

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