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Thanks To Town Officials For Supporting EPURA

To The Editor:

Three cheers to the Town Board of Estes Park for their smart and forward looking vote to approve the Estes Park Urban Renewal Authority (EPURA) for the next 25 years. This positive move will help Estes Park remain competitive with other resort communities as we proceed into the future. It will help our Town keep pace with other resort communities regarding much needed “community improvement” oriented investment and important market-driven “public-private cooperative” investment.

As an EPURA Commissioner, I know first-hand how sensitive EPURA is to community needs and concerns during specific project development. As an Estes Park business owner (Earthwood Artisans and Earthwood Collections), I know how important it is for our Town and local businesses to continue to invest, improve and collaborate. If we don’t properly invest, improve and work together, we lose market share to our competitor communities and when this happens, we lose our ability to provide jobs for our local community.

We clearly have leaders on our Town Board who understand how important investments and community improvements are to our quality of life and our future. They also clearly understand that EPURA is an important mechanism that helps spur this type of positive activity.  They understand that people need year round jobs in our Town and solid investments in community improvements help local businesses succeed, and therefore, enhance their ability to offer year round jobs. With this positive decision, this new board is definitely off to a great start – Bravo!

Ron Wilcocks
Estes Park

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