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Thank You For Parade Of Years Support

To The Editor:

Your continued support of our annual Parade of the Years event is a major part of the success of our celebration.

It was a beautiful day and many Estes Park citizens came out to enjoy our cars. This year, the extra added attraction was to have a talk by Jim Pickering, Estes Park Historian Laureate for everyone at the show. Your announcements of the event were most successful in alerting the citizens of our town to the opportunity of seeing the old cars and talking to the owners.

The Estes Park Museum Friends and Foundation and the Estes Park Car Club sincerely thank the joint sponsorship of the Town, the Estes Park Museum and the Senior Center, and look forward to celebrating the 24th Annual Parade of the Years in 2009.

Again, thank you for your help.
Yours truly,

Chuck Bonza
Event Coordinator
2008 The Parade of Years

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