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Thank You Estes Park

To the Editor of the Estes Park News:

On November 22nd, our son was involved in a very serious snowboarding accident at Eldora ski resort. He was wearing his helmet, he was boarding in control, and he was with good friends. Unfortunately, no matter what precautions you take, accidents can and do happen. Our family spent the last month in Denver at St. Anthony’s Hospital and then Justin received subsequent treatment at Craig’s hospital. He has received excellent care and we are happy to report that he is on the road to recovery!    We are now happily back at home in Estes Park taking advantage of our own, great local resources for outpatient therapy.

During this very difficult time, we have been absolutely overwhelmed at the support provided by this community! We sat down and attempted to list all of the wonderful people that provided support for us at the hospital and in our transition home.  In the end, we found this to be a much too daunting task and we feared that we would leave someone out. This letter is an attempt to thank this community for your support!

We wish to thank you for the phone calls, for running our errands, for the cards and flowers and stuffed animals, thank you for the meals—I could go on and on. Our most valuable gift during this ordeal, however, seems to be the prayers that we now know played a major role in Justin’s recovery. With head injuries, the doctors are limited in the way of medical interventions. They would tell us “you are just going to have to give this time.” We wound up relying totally on prayers and well-wishes because we knew that the doctors had done all that they could.

As you can imagine, we are going to use this opportunity to remind parents and kids to wear your helmets! The doctors told us that there would be no possible way that Justin would have recovered-perhaps wouldn’t have even made it off the slopes-if it weren’t for his helmet. Parents, this is a battle that you just have to win!

Thank you Estes Park! We hope that some day, in some way, we are able to pay back the generosity that you have shown to us.

We are very proud and grateful Estes Park residents!

John, Lisa, Jenna and Justin Wahler

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