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Technology Petting Zoo At The Estes Valley Library

Learning how to use today’s new gadgets is always a challenge. Is it really worth the trouble? Is it really that easy…or hard? Is it really as fun as some people say? Where does—or where could—today’s technology fit into your life? Come and explore a few of today’s most popular devices and look at the ways that they fit into our lives at this first in a series of ‘Technology Petting Zoos’. Why is it called a ‘Petting Zoo’? Because no matter how dangerous you think it might be to lay hands on that strange and mysterious tech animal, there will be someone there to protect you and reassure you that it doesn’t bite. We’ll also answer your questions.

“Zoo creatures” will include the “deadly” blue toothed mouse; the iPad and the iPod; GPS; Mac Books, Notebooks; Book Books, eBooks and more. Join the staff of the Estes Valley Library in the Hondius Room anytime on Wednesday, February 16th from 1 to 3 p.m. for this technology open house. Library staff will be there to demonstrate and answer your questions.

Technology is indeed transforming the ways in which we receive information, communicate with friends and family, read the latest bestseller, even how we do our daily jobs. The Library is pleased to offer this inaugural “Petting Zoo” as a service to help Estes Valley residents explore and expand their technical literacy horizons.

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