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Teachers Are Unsung Heroes To Our Children

Dear Editor:

My wife and I have owned our home in the Estes Valley for a number of years-enjoying it as our work schedules permitted. ln August of 2008, we were fortunate to retire and move here permanently. As long distance property owners, we kept up with the many successes and challenges facing Estes Valley through the weekly delivery of the Trail Gazette and the Estes Park News.

One of the issues I followed closely was the progress and success of our local school district and the accomplishments made through the leadership of our School Board and our Superintendent, Linda Chapman. Through their efforts, we have a school district that would make any community proud.

Recently, I have watched with interest the relationship between the Board of Education and the Estes Park Education Association. The Association has been petitioning the Board for recognition as the “voice” of our teachers in policy and compensation negotiations through collective bargaining.

Teachers are in a unique position. They are professional and highly trained individuals who must stay current with their fields of expertise and demonstrate continuing improvement and development. We trust our most precious treasures to these professionals—our children. Our children are shaped, molded, given outstanding role models and an appreciation for the complexities of life through their everyday interaction with our teacher professionals.

Unfortunately, unlike doctors, lawyers, accountants, veterinarians, etc. teachers have never been accorded the treatment, respect and compensation for the professional services they render our community. They are the unsung heroes of our children’s successes-often unnoticed or under appreciated. While it may be distasteful to some, collective bargaining is one of the only ways these professionals can address the challenges they face and achieve the recognition they deserve.

lt is because of my respect for the teaching profession, the outstanding individuals who dedicate many hours (often without compensation) in our schools and their right to be enfranchised partners in their careers that I urge the Board of Education to grant recognition to the Estes Park Education Association at their meeting on March 16, 2009.

Richard F. Grabish
Estes Park, CO

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