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Task Force Organizes Bear Education For The Community

A community-driven task force is in the final stages of planning for bear education throughout the Estes Valley in 2013. The Bear Education Task Force will interact with local residents and children, lodging establishments, restaurants, other businesses and organizations, and guests of Estes Park. Information will be tailored to each audience, explaining what they can do to help bears.

Task force member Susan Wolf commented, “We want to help people understand that we all have a direct effect on the lives of bears and other wildlife.”

Task force facilitator Kate Rusch explained the group’s mission is ultimately to create a better environment for bears and other wildlife, to preserve watchable wildlife in the Estes Valley, and to promote public safety. “We’ll communicate with common messages and materials in hope of guiding people throughout the Estes Valley to this goal,” Rusch explained. The task force members and represented organizations will begin outreach in early 2013 and continue efforts through community collaboration.

The Bear Education Task Force was formed after community conversations identified education as one of the critical pathways for improving bear and human interactions in the Estes Valley. Members represent the community at large, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, YMCA, Bears Are Us, Estes Area Lodging Association, Estes Valley Recreation and Park District, Visit Estes Park, Estes Park Visitor Center, Estes Park Police Department, Estes Valley Library, Waste Management, Association for Responsible Development, League of Women Voters, Rocky Mountain National Park, Town of Estes Park staff and its Board of Trustees.


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