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Supporting The Sales Tax Increase

To The Editor:

I support the proposed 1% sales tax increase. Like everyone, I don’t like increasing taxes, but this is one time that we need to look at the bottom line for what it will produce. There are 4 basic areas that will benefit from an increase.

1. Fund expanded road maintenance, which was needed even before the floods, but even more so now. We know that the monies previously budgeted for our Town will not suffice to fix damage from the floods while still maintaining what used to be the status quo.

Find sources and help fund improvements and additions to trails and connections.

Help with disaster response and more sophisticated equipment, including emergency communications and possibly an emergency operations center. This could be the radio station we’ve been needing.

Provide seed money for the building of a community/recreation/senior center. Every demographic of the community would benefit. Additionally, such a facility could potentially serve as an emergency shelter, and as a shelter worker, knowing that it would have space for the basics of sleeping space, food service, and showering gives it great potential.

We have a tourist-based economy. The added incentive for residents is that more than 50% of the increased tax would therefore be paid by tourists. Improvements add appeal to our image and help our economic status which in turn, brings more business. We all win. Please vote for the 1% sales tax increase.

Paula Peat Page Martin

Estes Park


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