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Supporting Sandy Begley For Park Hospital District Board

To The Editor:

Estes Park is a beautiful place and lucky too! Lucky because Sandy Begley decided to run for the Park Hospital District Board and to apply her many years of management experience and leadership for the good of the Estes Park community.

I was fortunate to work closely with Sandy for over 10 years at a large, multinational corporation. I saw her in action: identifying business needs and bringing together disparate groups of people with different agendas and constraints. With her highly collaborative stye, Sandy was able consistently to forge and achieve plans to reach our business goals. When we got stuck, we found new ideas. When we reached an impasse, we found a way to compromise. When Sandy led a project, we felt good about our results because we were successful as a team.

Through the years I’ve known Sandy, I’ve heard her speak often about Estes Park: the people, the businesses coming and sometimes going, the town events, the natural beauty and outdoor activities, her volunteer work, her book club, her gym. Sandy takes advantage of all Estes Park has to offer, and I hope Estes Park voters will take advantage of all that Sandy can offer in return.

Connie Marking

Tucson, Arizona

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