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Supporting Sandy Begley And Chuck Levine

Dear Editor,

We are fortunate that Sandy Begley and Chuck Levine are running for the Estes Park Medical Center Board. Chuck and Sandy are passionate about serving our community and both bring extensive relevant experience to the challenges that lay ahead in stabilizing EPMC’s financial position and bringing the new wellness center to fruition.

Opposing Chuck and Sandy is Chris Reveley, a leader in the opposition to the EPMC/Anschutz Wellness Center which voters overwhelmingly supported. Chris is simply the wrong person for the board at this critical time.

At public meetings and in newspaper articles he made outrageous and condescending statements. He described the wellness center project as “magic beans” and the hospital as seeking a goose to lay a golden egg. Rather than be located on an existing vacant commercial lot and partnering with an iconic lodge, Chris suggested that a wellness center would be better located at EPMC’s current location. He accused the current hospital board of not doing appropriate feasibility studies—oft repeated such that the Estes Park Wellnesss Coalition placed a full page ad underscoring the credentials, expertise and commitment that board members brought to their fiduciary responsibilities. (And need we remind Chris that business plans are proprietary and the issue before the voters was the sale of Lot 4 and not a public referendum on how a destination wellness enterprise should be run!)

Finally, Chris stated that he “found it medically and ethically offensive” that EPMC medical staff would promote wellness treatment that had “zero hard evidence” supporting its efficacy. Dr. James Hill alone, executive director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, has published more than 350 scientific articles on weight control and wellness and the Anschutz Center exists to discover and refine treatments and approaches that are effective in improving quality of life. Much of their research is available online.

It seems there was nothing Chris wouldn’t say or do to defeat the EPMC/Anschutz Wellness Center, and now he would like to join the board which will have the responsibly of overseeing the success of this project? Seems like a major conflict of interest or a Trojan Horse to me!

Please elect Sandy and Chuck and help our hospital and community move forward!

Anne Morris, Estes Park

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