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Supporting Ryan, Reed And Fox

Dear Editor:

There is an important election May 6th for members of the Board of Directors of the Upper Thompson Sanitation District. I would like to make a few comments about this election. First, I would suggest re-electing the three incumbents in the race: Jack Reed, Robert Ryan, and Doug Fox.

The District is operating smoothly and efficiently. It has no debt, operates on a cash basis, its tax rate is zero, and I understand planning is underway to make sure the Upper Thompson can handle future growth in the Estes Valley. They also have updated their rules and regulations to include recent changes in state and federal law to protect public health and the environment. That change is critical.
None of the incumbents on the District board has anything to gain by being on the board. They do so because they feel it is important to the health and safety of the members of the District. That should be a quality valued in today’s society.

My background includes twenty years of managing a small water treatment and distribution facility. I was also President of Colorado Rural Water Assn for three years. I know the importance of keeping up with current regulations for the health of the members of the District and the safety of their employees.

When you mark your ballots in this election, consider who is willing to serve the best interests of the community.

I suggest: Bob Ryan, Jack Reed, and Doug Fox.

Bill Wachs

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