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Supporting Koenig, Fishman & Elrod

Dear Editor and Estes Park voters:

We here in Estes Park are fortunate to have three diligent, highly-qualified, and well-prepared candidates for Town Trustee -Mark Elrod, Paul Fishman, and Wendy Koenig. Each will bring fresh insight and creative thinking to our Town Board.

It’s time for change! For twenty years our Town has been subject to hop-scotch checkerboard development without a master plan and lacking fore-sighted consideration for maintaining open space and also adequate parking facilities for visitors.

In these tight economic times Town Hall has continued to add administrative staff personnel and to spend lavishly on capital projects such as miles of concrete “trails” and now the proposed construction of a “Multi-Purpose Events Center” on Stanley Fairgrounds and the multi-million dollar “renovation” of green restful Bond Park into a mini-combination of Disneyland and Skateland, resulting in the removal of much-needed downtown parking space.

At the same time, because of lack of funds, our School District has to release teaching personnel, and our children and families become the “losers.”

Enough of “Big Government” thinking and spending! Let’s elect new faces with energetic and genuine concern for Estes Park citizens, visitors, and small businesses.

Vote for Wendy Koenig, Paul Fishman, and Mark Elrod. “You’ll be glad you did!”

Tom Ewing

Estes Park resident

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