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Supporting Judy Fontius-Candidate For Town Board Trustee

To The Editor:

Election time is getting closer and I would like to strongly recommend Judy Fontius for one of the Trustee seats open on the Town Board.

I have known Judy well since 1968 – when we were both selected to attend a two year fellowship program at the University of Wisconsin. Since that time, Judy and I have enjoyed a close friendship – both professionally & personally. We have worked together, travelled together, laughed & cried together over these last 46 years. I know Judy well & would like to list some of her characteristics for you to consider before you vote.

These are qualities which I feel will make her an outstanding Trustee for Estes Park and for its citizens.

• Judy is a native Coloradan

• Judy is a hard worker who always does her homework

• Judy is a team player

• Judy is an excellent listener who is capable of sorting out and integrating many diverse ideas into a win-win situation when appropriate

• Judy is a quick learner

• Judy has embraced Estes Park since moving here in 2009. She serves on the Senior Center Board and volunteers in Rocky Mountain National Park, as well as at McGregor Ranch

• Judy can be relied upon to see a task through to a successful conclusion

• Judy’s leadership skills have manifested themselves in the many leadership responsibilities she has held over the years. President of the Colorado Elementary School Principals’ Association, Chairperson of the 600 strong Denver Zoo Volunteers, & President of two different HOA’s are just a couple of examples.

There is so much more to Judy than just these eight traits that I have chosen, but I strongly believe that these are the traits that a Town Trustee should possess. There is much on the Estes Park agenda in the coming years. Estes Park needs trustees who are visionary, hard working team players. Judy Fontius is all of these and more. I know! How many people have you known for 46 years!!?

Thanks for your vote for Judy!

Joy T. Wilson, Ph.D


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