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Supporting Ben Greer For EVRPD Board

To The Editor:

We are writing this letter in support of Ben Greer as he runs for re-election to the Estes Valley Recreation and Parks District Board of Directors.

Ben and his family have lived in the Estes Valley for 22 years.  He has shown his dedication to Estes Park and it’s families by being a volunteer coach for 20 years. He has also recently put his time and energy into starting Estes Park’s first travel soccer team through the EVRPD.  This team is comprised of 4th, 5th and 6th graders that are experiencing new challenges, different competitors and great success in their first year.

Ben supports recreational opportunities for all ages.  He is excited for and supportive of the future community recreation center for the Estes Valley.  He is committed to Estes, its families and its future vitality.

Please vote for Ben Greer for EVRPD Board of Directors on May 6th.

Kelly and Courtney Wilkerson

Timothy and Pamela Wallace

Charles and Christina Santigati

Dean and Sarah Rhode

Jonathan and Jennifer Tyson

Devin and Stacey Jacobs

Christian and Kristen Hill

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