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Supporters Of The Performing Arts

Courtesy Artist Rendering

Courtesy Artist Rendering

The weekly column about the new Performing Arts Center (PAC) for Estes park is meant to be a two way street. You are invited to participate in these question and answers by submitting a thought or question you would like to have answered. If you would like clarification or more elucidation on details of a subject that you know something about but that is still of concern to you, you may submit that as well. Contact information is available at the bottom of each column so please join in and make your thoughts known.

Today’s often asked question deals with the ongoing operations of the PAC; How is the management of the facility going to be handled?

Many townsfolk have asked what the operational philosophy of the Estes Park Performing Arts Center (PAC) will consist of. One of the most important questions about the Center is that of management in that it will affect everyone who chooses to use the facility, whether local or from out of town. The SOPA INC board of directors will conduct a search for a professional person with the proper managerial skills in booking a theater, managing the theater schedule and personnel. He/she must be capable of instituting and carrying on a variety of programs and events that fit the site and maintain quality programming throughout the year. The manager will have a background in theater arts that is heavy in the managerial spectrum.  He/she will be in place approximately a year in advance of the opening date for the PAC in order to have bookings established for the impending first season. Advance bookings are extremely important as any theater must have booking capabilities for three to five years in advance to ensure the fullest usage possible.

Summer programming will be of great importance to the overall success of the PAC. A concern that there will be scant time for local organizations to use the facility during this time has been broached therefore the manager will be instructed that there is to be a reasonable balance between the local and out of town users of the PAC. A plan to allow local groups or individual entrepreneurs to pre-book time and venue slots will ensure the fair use of facilities to those locals registered in the system. There is a variety of different spaces to accommodate everything from large performances to intimate settings for smaller groups. As most local users do not produce in the summer months the booking schedule won’t necessarily affect them.  For those who traditionally do have summer performances, they may assure their dates by reserving them well in advance. Remaining un-booked dates and times may be booked in any venue, at any time, throughout the year on application to the manager.

The center will have three time slots for bookings for each area per day: morning – afternoon – evening. With the technical capabilities that are planned for the center a variety of events may be handled on any given day with several venues in use at the same time as well. A tremendous advantage of the PAC is that events that are now scattered in a variety of inadequate places around the town will have a home in a central location making it more accessable for both active participants and audiences with the added convienience of 600 new parking spaces.

As with most community operated facilities of this sort, there will be a number of opportunities for volunteers in  variety of areas who are capable of helping shift scenery, re-set curtains and drops, move furniture for different venues, act as ushers and other staffing jobs. A professional technical director will be responsible, along with the manager, for supervising all technical aspects in the facility to ensure safety of participants. Please note that these are planning thoughts and will be amended as necessary when a manager is hired.

This information has been provided by Greig Steiner – SOPA INC board-theater consultant

“If we build it, they will come.” No, let’s say, “When we build it…” You may  help by sending your contributions to SOPA at P.O. Box 3077, Estes Park, CO 80517.

To submit a question Contact SOPA INC at  – Phone: 970-481-6630 – P.O. Box 3077-Estes Park-Colo-80517
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