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Study Endorses Feasibility Of Performing Arts Center

A new study by AMS Planning and Research indicates that the Estes Park Performing Arts Center will provide a viable venue for the performing arts. Conservative estimates by the company project that the potential economic impact on the town will exceed $2 million per year.

The updated study was commissioned by the Town and Supporters of the Performing Arts (SOPA), and was presented last week. AMS is a nationally-known firm specializing in research for the arts and entertainment industries. It has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in cultural facility feasibility studies, audience and market research, community cultural planning, and business planning and strategy.

AMS contacted prospective users of the Performing Arts Center including local non-profit groups, regional universities, and others. Based on these contacts, AMS estimates that the Center would have over 250 performances in an average year. It did not attempt to determine commercial use by traveling companies or contracted performers which would increase this estimate.

“We are excited to see our belief in the viability of the Performing Arts Center confirmed by this outside study,” said Christopher Wood, president of SOPA. “We had talked informally with local and outside groups and some of the universities about their interest in performing at the Center, but this study really nailed it down. There will be something going on at the Center year around.”

AMS estimated the economic impact on the town based on direct spending by the Center ($807,000) and audience expenditures ($1,355,000).  Audience expenditures include meals, motel rooms, gas and other purchases. Because AMS has such extensive experience in this field, its estimates are considered quite accurate.

“Many of my contacts in the community have voiced that the Center will have an enormous economic impact on the town,” said Rene Moquin, capital campaign consultant to SOPA. “The research from AMS supports their conclusions.”

A summary of the AMS report can be requested by calling Christopher Wood at 970-481-6142 or by email at

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