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Stanley Ghost Stories Reprinted

The Stanley Museum has revised and reprinted “Stanley Ghost Stories” by Susan S. Davis. Originally published in 2005 and out-of-print, the new edition revisits many of the ghost stories associated with the Stanley Hotel and adds new information on F.O. & Flora Stanley, who are forever connected with the hotel that bears their name. The new book is being released in stores in time for Halloween and the re-release in some theaters of the classic thriller, “The Shining.”

From the publisher’s description: “A contemporary history of the famed Stanley Hotel, built in 1908 in Estes Park, Colorado, by F.O. Stanley, and made famous by author Stephen King and film-maker Stanley Kubrick as the inspiration for ‘The Shining.’ This book focuses on the alleged haunting of the hotel, recounting collected ghost stories and sightings in recent years through the use of second hand accounts and digital photographs of suspected paranormal activity. This newly revised edition adds further historical detail on F.O. Stanley and his wife, Flora, said to haunt the hotel, though ironically they were ‘confirmed skeptics’.”

The book retails for $10.95.

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