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Spring Runoff: Be Aware Of Swift And Rising Water

riversceneHeavy snowpack on the mountains above Estes Park always comes with the possibility of high rivers and streams in the spring. The rate at which melting snow travels down our rivers depends on the weather in the weeks to come. Warm temperatures in the high country and rainfall affect melting rates. Since high rivers are possible at any time, advance preparation is advised. River levels are monitored by staff at all hours of the day, particularly during the spring and early summer.

Every year, the Town of Estes Park is prepared to place sandbags to protect public property if needed. And, the Town will help citizens during emergencies. However, it is ultimately every citizen’s responsibility to protect their own private property. Town Administrator Frank Lancaster commented, “All signs point to a normal spring runoff, but it’s always a good idea to think ahead. ” He continued, “For residents with low-lying properties known to flood, it’s a good idea to keep sandbags on hand. ” Police Chief Wes Kufeld added the importance of staying clear of swift-moving water. “We encourage people to be aware of the natural changes in the river levels and never forget the force behind swift water.” He continued, “Keep yourself, your children and pets a safe distance from riverbanks, which can easily give way and put you in danger.”

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