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Spirit Of Giving Is Bright

Dear Editor:

Bright Christmas was a huge success once again. We helped 130 local families give their children a “Bright Christmas.”

There were 291 children in these families. Many sponsors who bought gifts for the children added a gift for the parents. We had so many bicycles for these children that they were spread all over the Hangar Restaurant, most were purchased by the sponsors. The lower level of the building was full of good used clothing, household items and bedding that the families could choose from.

With the funds donated we purchased food for a Christmas dinner plus staples to help them feed their families. The food included ham, potatoes, bread, canned vegetables, pasta and sauce, cereals, peanut butter, macaroni, laundry soap, tuna fish, canned chicken and much more. Thanks to Claire’s on the Park for donating apples and oranges that we put in their food box. Tracy at Country Supermarket ordered the food for us at a reduced cost and held it until we were ready for it. Millennium Group brought three boxes of small toys that we added to the families boxes. The Woodworking Club at Good Samaritan once again brought handmade wood toys that were also added to the boxes. Ace Hardware donated XXL ziplock bags for us to put gifts in, and Estes Park Rental donated the use of wooden tables that we put the heavy boxes of food on, that greatly saved the backs of our volunteers who had to pick them up. Reel Mountain Theater and Star Video donated passes to the show and certificates for video rental. These were added to the boxes of gifts. The Estes Park contractors group donated new toys that we used for the few families that didn’t get sponsored. Once again, The Merry Martha’s donated bags of wonderful, new knitted sweaters, hat, mittens and baby blankets for us to put in the boxes.

Many individuals and businesses donate to Bright Christmas; printing by Master Graphics, individual gifts that were dropped off at A La Carte and the UPS Store, and bedding from the local motels.

If you could see all the gifts and food that are ready for the families, you would know what a wonderful, caring community we live in. Every year I realize how wonderful the members of this community are to care about less fortunate families, many of whom have lost their jobs, or had hours cut, or have medical situations that have left them with no way to give their children a Christmas.

Thank you for another great Bright Christmas.
The Board of Directors
Estes Park Bright Christmas, Ltd.

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