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Slow Down For The Safety Of Our Kids

To The Editor:

Monday morning, a sheriff’s deputy showed up at my door; of course, when I saw him, my stomach immediately dropped, something awful must have happened…why else would he be there? Well to my surprise, (and relief) he was there to tell me that a few people have called to complain about my car sitting at the bottom of Longview Drive and subsequently they had to drive around me! Are you kidding me? I sit in the car with my kids to wait for the bus! I pull all the way over with my blinkers on. People drive way too fast through there and the kids have to wait right by the road. Wouldn’t a sheriff’s time be better spent warning or even ticketing these people, so that he or she would never have to come to my door to tell me one of my kids has been hit by someone going too fast!

What kind of people have we become, that a little inconvenience is more important than the safety of our kids?
Please slow down and I won’t be forced to sit in my car on the side of the road!

Thank you,
Lisa Devine

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