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Slash Collection At Stanley Park Fairgrounds

Wanted slash!! Free!! The Estes Valley Fire Protection District will once again be providing a slash collection site to assist individual residents, not commercial locations or businesses, get rid of slash they have accumulated as they have improved defensible spaces around homes. Due to space limitations, we will not be accepting any bags or piles of yard debris (needles and cones) or slash from commercial sites.

Residents of the Estes Valley Fire Protection District can bring slash to the Community Drive entrance of the Stanley Park Fairgrounds on Saturdays: October 20th, 27th and November 3rd, only, from 9:00-1:00. Turn left as you enter the fairgrounds and the site will be directly ahead.

Slash consists of tree trimmings, small tree trunks, and shrubs that have been removed to create or improve defensible space around structures. Fire fighters appreciate all the work property owners do to reduce wildfire hazards as they cannot take the time to do that work when a wildfire threatens an area.

Here are some actions property owners can do to create defensible spaces.

• Thin continuous tree and brush cover around all structures.

• Clean out gutters and roof areas where pine needles collect regularly.

• Clean pine needles and other debris from under decks and in corners of structures.

• Mow grass and weeds around structures to prevent flames from reaching it.

• Prune tree branches to a height of 8-10 feet to eliminate the possibility of fire reaching the branches

(ladder fuels) and burning the tree and possibly reaching the structure.

• Remove any small tree or shrub from under large trees to prevent fire from reaching the tree branches.

• Stack firewood at least 30 feet away from any structure.

• Post reflective house numbers at the edge of the road so they are clearly visible both day and night.

• Make sure the driveway is at least 12 feet wide and all tree branches are cleared to a height of 14 feet to allow emergency response vehicles safe access to all structures.

For more information on creating defensible space and additional safety measures, contact: Sue Pinkham at: or 970-577-3682.

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