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Shining Mountains Group Holds Annual Seminar

RMNP-Lily-LakeIt’s almost time for the annual Shining Mountains “Mountain Safety/Leadership Seminar.” The event will take place on Saturday, May 11 from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. At this day long seminar, you will enhance your knowledge of the backcountry, trip planning, survival, weather, nutrition, group dynamics, essentials, leadership styles, leaving no trace and more. With the use of videos, narrated slides and stories followed by question/answer periods, participants will learn in an enjoyable environment.

Moderator for the day will be David Sanders, long time member of the Colorado Mountain Club.

Speakers for this year’s seminar include:

Jess Asmussen who will speak about “Lessons Learned from RMNP SAR Incidents in 2012-2013.” Jess grew up in Minnesota and in 1999 began his career in Rocky Mountain National Park building trails in the summer and ski patrolling in Breckinridge in the winter. He’s enjoyed thirteen years with the National Park Service and has had many great adventures in these mountains.

Vern Miller, RMNP SAR Paramedic, Critical Care-Estes Park Medical Center will speak about “Minimizing Risks Through Wilderness Awareness.” Vern said, “Too many backcountry travelers endure needless problems through a lack of simple wilderness education. Weather, climate and even tourists can pose a threat to not only individual health and enjoyment but also to a group’s safety.” He will discuss what to watch for in the backcountry, progress into basic wilderness medical theory and how to manage a small incident in the backcountry.

Jon Achuff, Geologist/ Glaciologist and Geologist at RMNP will be speaking about “The Avalanche Hazard-Recognition, Evaluation and Route Selection.” Jon developed an interest in avalanches over 50 years ago that led him into the field of geology and then glaciology. He inventoried ice and then snow features in RMNP in 2001 and continues annual monitoring of several of the Park’s glaciers. In this discussion, Jon will review the factors and processes used to recognize avalanche terrain and how to evaluate the hazard. He’ll then take a look at decision making process used when selecting routes in avalanche terrain, including the ramifications of making a poor choice.

Last but not least, Anastasia Patterson will teach a class on how to “Stay Alive-We Will Find You!” Anastasia has participated in SAR missions throughout the Rocky Mountains for more than ten years. She will teach about tracking fundamentals, give an introduction on rescue fundamentals, procedures for first on scene, basic search skills, securing last point seen and more. She will start with classroom sessions and then conduct practical and scenarios outside.

Please bring along a pen and tablet for note taking, a bag to hold handouts, and a sack lunch to eat on-site. Coffee and light refreshments will be provided for breaks. This event is for all Shining Mountains Group members, subscribers and friends.

For more information and limited seating space reservations, please contact Madeline Framson at 970-586-6623.

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