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Sensible Development

To all those interested in the sensible development of the Town of Estes Park,

In regard to the Lot 4 situation; we strongly support the sale and development of the property. There are many reasons for either side of the question that have been addressed over and over again on every level of disagreement in the press and conversations throughout the town. The principal of whether to develop or not should, seemingly, take into consideration that the town is surrounded by public lands for the enjoyment of all besides other spaces inside the town limits.

Estes Park has a finite amount of ground at its disposal for commercial development in the incorporated area. One reason for incorporation is to use the land in this proscribed area to the greatest benefit to the most people. The space in Lot 4 can be used to great purpose if developed as suggested in the current proposal to the financial good of the Town and its residents.

The design and planning are critical to make the development pleasing to the eye and efficient to the users while producing a facility otherwise not available at this level elsewhere in the community. All of these items will be addressed in a variety of committees and boards prior to any construction being accomplished so there will be ample time for input on every level.

Let the process begin with a sensible approach to development in the valley, using the land as ‘incorporation allows’, with input but, hopefully, not continued vituperation among the residents.

Respectfully Submitted

Ann and Greig Steiner

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