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Seminar On Native Plants In RMNP

RMNP-Lily-LakeAs you pass through Rocky Mountain National Park, have you ever wondered what it takes to maintain and manage the grasses and other plants you see? Join key members of RMNP’s Vegetation Management program on June 12 for a half-day Rocky Mountain Nature Association seminar on native plants. Focus will be placed upon characteristics and habitats of several native plant species specific to this geographical region, as well as current restoration projects throughout RMNP. A RMNP greenhouse and nursery tour will be provided, showcasing propagation and transplanting techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to transplant several native plants to be used in upcoming restoration projects.

This seminar will be led by Scott Esser, who graduated in 2001 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelor of Science degree in conservation biology and botany with an emphasis on plant ecology. He is currently a restoration ecologist in RMNP, working on restoring disturbed lands, and has worked in the vegetation management branch at Rocky since 2003. He was recently published in Biochemical Systematics and Ecology for work on aspen ecology. Scott is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Ecology from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.

For more information or to register for this and other Rocky Mountain Field Seminars, visit our website at or contact us by phone at 970-586-3262.


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