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School Board Brief

Board of Education Meeting, November 17, 2008

The Board came out of an executive session to start its regular meeting.

Superintendent’s Evaluation: The first item of business was a discussion of the purpose of the executive session, which was the finalization of the superintendent’s evaluation. This year’s evaluation included a survey of the administrative team and the staff. The evaluation is a public document. The Board thanked the staff for participating in the evaluation process.

The Board set the date of the next evaluation to be completed by November 1 of 2009 in order that any new incoming Board members elected in November not be required to be a part of the evaluation process.
The Board informally agreed that it wished to extend the superintendent’s contract and authorized its president to select another member of the Board to discuss with the superintendent and the district’s attorney a contract extension beyond the current contract which expires in June 2010. The committee will make a proposal on the extension to the Board.

The Board also provided the press with a copy of the survey results about their own performance, which comprised the Board’s self evaluation.

Construction Update: Much of the meeting was devoted to the closeout of the construction project. The Board noted that the Park R-3 construction was finished on time and on budget, noting that some districts have had to shut down their projects after having run out of money. RLH, the district’s owner’s representative is working with The Neenan Company on a final closeout checklist. The Board and superintendent thanked both Neenan and RLH for not just the construction but for their genuine concern for staff and children and care for the district. The superintendent also thanked Karen Glassman for acquiring a $1.2 million grant, which allowed the district to ask the public for $1.2 million less. Mark Christensen of The Neenan Company introduced their team to say thanks and goodbye. Members of the Neenan team gave high praise to the district.

District Advisory Committee: DAC chair, John Phipps, noted that the change in the Committee’s charge, to serve as the eyes and ears of the Board, has increased committee membership. The committee has had engaging reports/discussions on the Learning Center and Johnson Preschool Program, EVICS, and home schooling. The Colorado Department of Education’s new growth model was also of concern to the committee.  School culture is the primary topic of ongoing discussion. On December 2 the committee will review school improvement plans. On December 10, the lay members of the committee will meet to discuss the contents of their mid-year report.

Monitoring Report: Director of Instruction, Susan Flores, presented the 2008 CSAP results for math.  She broke out the results for each grade and noted areas needing improvement.
Principals’ Reports: These reports focused on the school improvement plans, each of which is focused on the district’s four goals. The Board and superintendent thanked the staff and principals for putting together the best, most detailed plans the superintendent has seen in her tenure at the district.
John Bryant of the Elementary School noted that he was spending two full days each week in the classrooms and hallways conducting formal and informal teacher evaluations. Lisa Wahler and her team of library volunteers received praise for another great book fair.

Superintendent’s Report:  The superintendent reported that the Commissioner of Education Dwight Jones had numerous compliments for the district on his recent visit to Estes Park. Among those compliments was the comment that an outsider wouldn’t know that the schools were in session. The halls were quiet, students were well behaved and kids were in their classrooms learning. He commented that it was obvious that Positive Behavior Supports were working well throughout the district.
Conversations continue with the Estes Park Police Department and Town who will apply for a grant from CDOT to improve the sidewalk systems around the district’s perimeter.

Congratulations to Brad Schultz and the Pre K-12 Special Education department for their formal commendation from the Department of Education. The superintendent congratulated Karen Glassman and teachers as she reported that ours was the only district in the BOCES to meet all of the Annual Measureable

Achievement Objectives for English Language Learner students. Statewide, Park R-3 was one of nine districts (out of fifty-two) to meet all objectives.

The Board approved seven requests for Early Graduation, and congratulated those students for their efforts and accomplishments.

The Board also approved on first reading two important administrative policies: Policy ADF (School Wellness) and Policy KDE (Crisis Prevention and Management.)

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