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Saving Fuel And Connecting With The Community

Estes Park Police step onto Segways

“The biggest advantage of patrolling Estes Park on Segways is the positive interaction we have with people,” Estes Park Police Sergeant Robert Schumaker commented as he examined a new all-terrain Segway x2 Patroller. “People are curious about these things and it gives us a chance to talk with them about something fun.”

On Sunday, June 28 Rocky Mountain Segway of Boulder visited the Estes Park Police Department to demonstrate capabilities of the newest two-wheel, self-balancing human transporters – now outfitted with red and blue lights, reflective shields and other specialized features available to police officers.

In 2005, the Estes Park Police became the first in Colorado to patrol on Segways. Because of this experience, Rocky Mountain Segway sought the Department’s input on the new Patroller features. The Estes Park Police Department has two Segways and will consider purchasing a Segway X2 Patroller when a replacement is necessary.

In addition to getting out of a patrol car to be among the people, Schumaker noted numerous other advantages of patrolling Estes Park on these devices. “We go places we can’t in cars, we can see over people as we move through crowds and we can cover five times the area that we could while walking.” All this is possible because of the Segway’s elevated standing platform, narrow width, all-terrain tires and the ability to navigate up to a 36-degree grade.

Segway patrol is also a “green” effort of the Department to reduce emissions during community policing. With zero-emissions during operation, a Segway is 11 times more efficient than the average American car with 1/16th the cost of operation. X2 Patroller models can travel up to 12 miles at 12.5 miles per hour on a single charge of the lithium ion batteries. The cost to recharge the drained batteries is about 10 cents.

In Estes Park, Segway riders are subject to the same laws as bicyclists under the Municipal Code. The devices can be driven on streets and specified trails. For reasons of public safety, police officers on Segways are allowed access anywhere needed. For more information on Segway patrol, call the Estes Park Police Department at 970-577-4000 or visit

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