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Rotarians Send Many ShelterBoxes Off To Haitian Rescue Effort

As the reports of the tragedy in Haiti rolled across our TV screens, Estes Park Rotarians in the Sunrise and Noon Clubs felt the urge to help… but, how?

“I had no idea what to do,” admits Steve Misch, Fundraising Chair for Sunrise Rotary. He put the question out to his board of directors and the idea of the ShelterBoxes was discussed and quickly became reality.

A ShelterBox is a 10-person tent that contains mosquito nets, water purification equipment, tools, a stove, pots and pans, utensils, bowls, mugs, containers and much more.

The Rotary Clubs sponsor a junior Rotary Club at the high school called  Interact. Headed by Marcy Predmore, this group of young folks, in partnership with the Student Council, raised over $800 at their dance to put towards the purchase of a ShelterBox.

Misch announced at the weekly meeting of Sunrise, that the membership had donated/raised enough money to purchase a total of 5.5 ShelterBoxes. As the ShelterBox costs $1,000, the Sunrise Club general fund will make up the difference to bring the total to six! That means 60 people will be served due to the generosity and caring spirit of these young Interact/Student Council Members and Sunrise Rotary.

Members of the Noon Rotary Club also collected enough funds from their members as well as through the community drive to purchase five additional ShelterBoxes. Thank you to all community members and Noon Rotarians who donated.

Sunrise publicist, Steve Mitchell submits that according to ShelterBox authorities, thousands of people devastated by the Haiti earthquake will start moving into a camp with hundreds of ShelterBoxes this week.

The camp will be named “Congress Camp” and will be located near the US Embassy in Port au Prince the head of operations for ShelterBox, John Leach, said. He added, “This is an urban camp which means people can carry on their daily lives and won’t be forced to relocated outside of Port au Prince.”

Known as the service club that “Makes Things Happen,” Rotarians are proud to be “serving above self,” once again, in this global effort and need.

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