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Rocky Mountain National Park Public Use Statistics Update

Rocky Mountain National Park is correcting and aligning its public use statistics procedures. Starting in January 2012, traffic is counted at Lumpy Ridge and Lily Lake on the park’s east side; regression formulas rather than counters are used for west side minor entrances; Sun Valley Road, a county road across from the Kawuneeche Visitor Center, is no longer counted as non-recreation visitation as this road is not administered by the park; and Hiker Shuttle riders and visitors who enter the park on horseback are counted as recreational visits. These changes will help correctly align the park’s Recreational and Non-Recreational visitation.

Due to our visitation calculations changing this year, the only way to compare this year to previous year’s visitation is to look at the major entrance stations. Comparing other statistics would be inaccurate.

A Person Per Vehicle (PPV) study is being conducted from December 2011 through October 2012 to determine whether currently-used multipliers are still correct or should be adjusted.

Total recreation visitation at Rocky Mountain National Park was up for the month +9.6%.

Please see the Rocky Mountain National Park visitor use reports on the NPS website. Please choose ‘Rocky Mountain NP,’ then ‘ROMO YTD Summary Report’ and then the ‘View Report’ button. The total number of visitors is on the bottom line.

Recreational Visitation compared to previous Februaries

+9.6% from 2011

+39.17% from 2010

+6.27% from 2009

+5.4% from 2008

+19.46% from 2007

Entrances compared to February 2011

Beaver Meadows Entrance +9.7%

Fall River Entrance +6.6%

Grand Lake Entrance +13.5%

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