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Rock From U.S. 36 Blasting Will Help Stabilize High Risk River Banks In Estes

Hwy-36-constructionThe Town of Estes Park is participating in the Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Emergency Watershed Protection Program (NRCS/EWP). This program assists in emergency recovery measures to address imminent threats following a natural disaster and impairment to a watershed.

EWP work primarily involves stabilizing river banks to prevent additional damage to homes and businesses with undermined foundations. NRCS has identified those properties at risk from the upcoming spring runoff and eligible to participate in the program. Eligible property owners are being contacted by Kim Slininger, a consultant representing the Town.

Rock from CDOT’s blasting on U.S. 36 is being provided to Estes Park for use in these bank stabilization projects. The rock will be stored at Cherokee Draw at Lake Estes until it can be transported to eligible, participating properties along Fall River and Fish Creek. Rock will be removed from Cherokee Draw by early May to allow time for the Town to restore and revegetate the area.

NRCS covers 75% of the private property owners’ cost of the EWP program. The Colorado Office of Emergency Management covers 12.5%, and a 12.5% local match is required. Within Town limits, local property owners are responsible for the 12.5% match, and the Town expects at least some of the local match can be met with in-kind contributions, reducing the cost of private property restoration. The rock is provided by CDOT at no cost to governmental entities other than the cost of hauling, and its value is expected to fulfill a significant portion of the local match.

This is a multi-agency effort among the Town of Estes Park, Larimer County, CDOT, the Colorado Office of Emergency Management and NRCS.

The Town is currently accepting bids from contractors to complete work at three EWP sites within Town limits. Locations of the sites and bid requests are posted at Additional bid requests will be posted in the next few weeks.

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