Summer Bus Tours To Explore  Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountain Conservancy invites you to join our summer bus tours exploring the soaring views of Rocky Mountain National Park from the comfort of a 14-passenger mini-bus or a 12-passenger van. Most tours start at the Fall River Visitor Center located at 3450 Fall River Road, just before the north entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, with the exception of the East Across the Divide bus tour which starts at the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce located on the West side of the park. All tours include park entrance and daytime tours over four hours include lunch at the Alpine Visitor Center located at the top of Trail Ridge Road.

The bus tours will cover a wide range of topics spanning from natural history to geology to ecosystems and cultural history. Participants are welcome to take pictures and to take short distance walks at each of the tour stops, but no significant hiking will be required.

Grand Lake Safari: Tuesdays, June 25th-August 27th

Sunset Safari: Fridays, June 28th-August 30th

Journey to the Top: Wednesdays and Thursdays, June 26th-September 12th

Wildlife of Rocky: Thursdays, June 27th-August 29th

Old Fall River Road: Fridays, July 5th-September 13th

East Across the Divide: July 13th and August 17th

Instructors for the bus tours range by date, but each instructor brings a wealth of knowledge about the natural and human history of Rocky Mountain National Park and each of the unique ecosystems found in the park. The Rocky Mountain Conservancy is proud to host instructors with highly diverse backgrounds in environmental science, outdoor recreation, early childhood education, and adult interpretive programming.

To register or learn more about the bus tours offered by RMC or other field classes offered by the Field Institute, give the Rocky Mountain Conservancy Field Institute a call at (970) 586-3262 or visit our website at

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