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Rivers Still Running Fast And High

The Big Thompson River continues to overflow its banks in some areas in Estes Park due to heavy spring runoff. There is high water along Fall River as well.

The Town of Estes Park, with assistance from the Estes Valley Fire Protection District and Larimer County, have been prepared for the rising water with several thousand sand bags and a multitude of available staff. Sand bags have been placed in several locations along the river to protect Estes Park’s public areas in Estes Park.

The Town has been closely monitoring the water levels and has been responding with sand bagging in public areas as necessary.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to stay safely away from the swift water and use caution in high water areas.

There are no road closures at this time.  The downtown Riverwalk remains open, although some areas are marked with yellow tape to keep pedestrians a safe distance from the rivers. A portion of the post office parking lot is closed due to encroaching water.

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