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Restorative Justice In Our Estes Park

To The Editor:

The Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership exists to reduce crime and disorder by applying the principles of Restorative Justice: repair of harm to victims, offenders, and community; reconciliation and repair of relationships; reintegration into the community; responsibility taken by all individuals for their part in the incident; restitution to the victims; and respect given and received by all. The primary method of doing this is through the Family Group Conference and Community Circles Programs.

The conferences are designed as a one-time intervention that brings together offender, victim, and community in order to identify harm and a system of repair resulting from a crime. Community Circles is designed as an on-going conferencing process for community members returning from prison—providing powerful community connections for various services as well as a support and accountability system to design and meet goals in six life areas. Both of these programs are made possible through a grant from United Way of Larimer County.

Restorative Justice works alongside United Way in an effort to keep people safe from violence in their homes and neighborhoods, build and strengthen social competency, and enable individuals and families to thrive in the community.   With United Way’s committed focus to reducing poverty in Larimer County, restorative justice  plays a significant role as there is no doubt that involvement in the traditional criminal justice system complicates issues for those already living in poverty, providing a needed alternative to that system—strengthening families while still maintaining safety for the community.

Thank you,
Amanda Nagl
Executive Director
Estes Valley Restorative
Justice Partnership

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