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Restorative Justice Facilitator Training

The Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership is offering a Facilitator Training on October 27-28. This training is a two day process of teaching facilitation skills of the Community Group Conference Model and will be held at the Estes Park Museum.  Facilitating incorporates the ideas of mediation, but also negotiation, arbitration, and intervention.

There are many benefits to going through the Facilitator Training and learning this process.  A history of Restorative Justice, how the process is used within the legal system, and what it all means to our local program, will all be discussed.   Restorative Justice is a widely used process throughout the world.  The benefits to our community, victims and offenders can be great. Repair, restitution, reconciliation, responsibility, reintegration and respect are some of these benefits and are the foundation for the mission of the Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership.

In addition to learning about our particular process, we will touch on the following skills:
Active listening: how to listen deeply enough to communicate to the speaker that they have been heard and are then able to identify deeper issues related to their stories.

Communication skills: to improve your ability to ask appropriate, open-ended questions that will broaden the scope of what is being considered and will enable a group to narrow down areas of interest and reach group consensus as it relates to harm and repair.

Discernment: combine active listening and communication skills to become better able to decipher what is useful and what is not, what is relevant and what is not, what is said and what is inferred, what is opinion and what is fact—to better understand the deeper reasons why things occur.
Reframing: a restatement of what is said that maintains a healthy interpretation and allows information to become useful in reaching consensus.

Learning and refining these skills contribute to the ability to effectively facilitate a Community Group Conference.  It will be a valuable time spent learning and practicing these skills as relationships are created and connections are made.  The training is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on each day, October 27-28.    If you would like to sign up for the class, please leave a message for Amanda Nagl, Community Services Manager, at 577-3822.

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