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Restoration Of Electricity To The Retreat

Power-Glen-Haven-FloodEstes Park Light & Power, with assistance from the City of Fort Collins, used a helicopter to place a temporary power line on the ridge from Glen Haven to the Retreat on Tuesday. Light & Power hopes to reenergize lines in the Dunraven Glade area of The Retreat by the end of this week. Electric lines in the Streamside area of The Retreat are expected to be reenergized next week.

The insulated line is a temporary solution, placed on the ground and marked with safety signage. This is common practice for temporary power restoration after disasters. Crews continue to make slow progress on other severely damaged areas in Glen Haven, with the arrival of new equipment this week.

Residents are encouraged to carefully inspect their properties. If flood water or groundwater infiltration made contact with any electrical circuits, property owners should shut off power to structures at the main breaker, and have an electrical inspector look at the property before electricity is turned on.

State of Colorado Electrical board is offering free inspections to verify safety of any flood damaged property. The property owner can call 303-894-2980 to make the request. Absentee homeowners should hire an electrician or enlist the help of a neighbor to turn off power at the main breaker if any water encroachment was suspected.

If you are a resident (property owner or renter) of the Glen Haven area or The Retreat, please call or email the Town of Estes Park to provide your contact information for future resident-specific updates. Please email or call 970-577-3597.

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