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Responsible Development For EPMC/Anschutz

To The Editor:

If ever there was a case of “not in my backyard,” the Friends of Lot 4, circulators of the petition to place Lot 4 in a permanent conservation easement, live on Prospector Lane and Findley Court in close proximity to Lot 4. I’m afraid that the circulators of the petition acted on selfish personal concerns, instead of what serves the best interests of the entire community. Also clearly apparent is that none took freshman economics, or they would understand the severe loss this would cause to the Town when the flood has already put a huge strain on Town finances.

After the addition of EPMC as a party to the wellness center along with Anschutz and Grand Heritage Hotels, our Trustees voted 6-0 to support this project. Last week the Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the development plans.

Byron Hall and I are Honorary Lifetime Members of the Association for Responsible Development. When we were active leaders, we never called for ARD to convert this important commercial parcel to Findley Court’s private park. Perhaps ARD should be now called AAD (Association Against Development), since they are ignoring the by-laws, which call for encouragement of responsible development.

Ralph Nicholas

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