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Reliance Fire Museum Open House This Weekend

Reliance-Fire-GroupThe Reliance Fire Museum has welcomed a new addition this year!

A 1986 Dennis Pump has joined our collection.  What is it?  Where’s it from?  Here’s the story….

In 1999 a generous donor approached us when we were located in Kansas City.  A volunteer fireman in a suburb of Kansas City, he had befriended an English volunteer fireman some years ago.  They had travelled to each others countries, and ridden with each others fire departments.  And now the English fire station was slated to close, and the truck in that station sold.  The donor wanted to bring it to the U.S., but only a museum could do that!

Working with U.S. officials, Reliance received the necessary permits to import this unique piece of history.  And the fireman from Titchfield, UK arranged to leave all the firefighting equipment on the truck.  It was shipped from the UK to Galveston, Texas in 2000 where we picked it up and displayed it at various events in the Kansas City area.

When Reliance moved to Estes Park in 2002, the Dennis Pump was left behind to be displayed by the generous donor.  This spring it was decided to bring it to Estes Park where it could be seen by an entirely new audience.

This Saturday, June 21st, the Reliance Fire Museum is offering public tour hours from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. It’s your opportunity to take a peek inside and see the Dennis pump up close.

Visitors will also have the chance to see fire engines and equipment as old as 1901. Operating displays include a tiller ladder truck from Beverly Hills, CA; a one-of-a-kind wooden body sedan pumper from Detroit; and an actual ‘life-net’ used to catch victims that might jump from a burning building- among many other trucks and fire fighting tools. Bring the kids, but be forewarned, these trucks are not toys- with several being valued at over $100,000. (There is a fire truck parked outside that is OK to climb on!)

Public tours are free of charge. Donations to help operate the Museum are always welcome, but not required. Take Moraine Avenue West from downtown Estes Park to Elm Road, then about 1 mile up Elm Road to the Museum- it’s the building with a fire truck in the driveway at 460 Elm Road. Parking is available behind the shop if necessary- where you can also check out some classic trucks awaiting their turn in the restoration shop.

To take a preview of the Museum, or for contact information, visit the Reliance Fire Museum website:


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